Kabaka Pyramid & the bebble rockers band

► VENERDì 16 OTTOBRE 2015 ◄
★ KABAKA PYRAMID & The Bebble Rockers Band ★
► Dancehall by X Fatton Crew & COOL RUNNINGS SOUND
Viale Della Bella Villa, 94 (RM)
- Open 22:00 | Start 00:30
- ENTRY 5€ (1 Drink Incluso)
- Parcheggio Multipiano Gratis
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► BIOGRAPHY (reggaeville)

Keron Salmon, known by his fans as Kabaka Pyramid, is an ever-evolving artist that has numerous ways of expressing his creativity. The ability to watch and learn from others around him has made him into somewhat of a Jack-of-all-trades. You can find him at Bebble Rock Studios, in his hometown Kingston, Jamaica, writing lyrics, producing tracks, engineering/recording himself or other artists, mixing songs, editing video/photos, or even learning to play the guitar! His passion for music began at early age when he would change the lyrics to popular songs and record his own version on his mother's tape recorder. What began as a humorous venture was actually a stepping stone for the artist we know today. Reggae music has always been a strong influence on the Kingstonian lyricist, but during high school it was Hip Hop music that captivated him, and you could find him walking to the canteen reciting his favorite Canibus or Inspectah Deck lines. The influence of both genres can be easily detected as he, and other Bebble Rock artists such as Koro-Fyah, seek to find the perfect fusion of the two cultural expressions.

Recently Kabaka Pyramid has been appearing on the Live Music scene in Kingston with live performances at the Manifesto Jamaica Festival 2010, Jaria Reggae Month 2010, Jamaica Vybez, The Next Generation of Reggae, Bands Incoporated (Featured by The Indiggnation Band), and Conversations - just to name a few.

The Conscious musician is a member of Manifesto Jamaica, which is an N.G.O. aiming to empower Jamaican youth through the arts and culture. Representing Manifesto JA, Kabaka has worked with friend and colleague Donisha Prendegast on the "Africa Unite" School Tour spreading the word of Rastafari and the liberation struggle in South Africa. Performing for the kids in school is an important part of Kabaka's vision for his musical career and is always willing to play his part in the movement.

The name "Kabaka" is Ugandan for "King" and Pyramids are thought by the artist to house the mathematical proportions of Universal Laws that are eminent in the creation of this universe. He seeks to embody these laws in his music, spreading truth and higher knowledge to the people who are prepared to listen.

The Dj/Rapper is currently working on an album that will be free to the public. Currently untitled, it is a highly anticipated project that is intended to show the world where Kabaka Pyramid is looking to take Jamaican music, as well as spread the positive messages of spirituality and conscious evolvolution that you find whenever he grabs a mic!

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  • Data evento: Venerdì 16 Ottobre
  • Ora inizio: 22.00
  • In collaborazione con : ALMIGHTY ONE PROMOTIONS
  • Entrata a: Sottoscrizione 5€ incluso drink
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